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Business Branding Bundles by Brand Aid

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We’re here to put the FUN in your marketing. You’ll love our enthusiasm and creativity. And we’ve packaged it up in creative bundles to fit where you are.

The Starter –

Establish your brand with these essentials: Slogan/Tagline Creation – 3 Branded blog posts – Introduction video (with slogan included in graphics and voiceover up to 20 seconds – generic music) – Two 30 minute consultation sessions in first month of using these tools

Separately, these services would cost $947 – $1197 – Save up to $400 by bundling them today for only $797

The Builder –

Pump up your brand: Includes everything in the Starter Bundle PLUS – Optimized and branded copy for 3 web pages – An additional 30 minute consultation session in first month of using these tools

Separately, these services would cost $1947 – $2497 – Save up to $1000 by bundling them today for only $1497

The Expander –

Expand your brand beyond your website: Includes everything in the Builder Bundle PLUS – Brand Podcast setup – YouTube channel setup – Custom Music – One 30 second audio ad you can use online or on the radio (complete with your new custom music) – 2 additional 1-minute branded videos (complete with your new custom music) Be sure to ask how you could substitute part of these services for help getting your products on Amazon…the world’s largest online store.

Separate, these services would cost you $4697 – $4997 – Save up to $1500 by bundling them today for only $3497

Business Branding Services A-la Carte

Audio ads – Per spot pricing starting at $175 and $75 per script (prices increase as your markets increase…i.e. website or website and radio, more than one city, regional, national, etc.)  $35-$75 for script revisions

Blog posts – $150 – 300 for 300 to 500 words depending on necessary research

eBooks – based on word count, topic, research, and turnaround time

Intro/Outro Music – generic original starts at $150 for 10-30 seconds – Brand boosting and reinforcing music starts at $1497 for 10-30 seconds

Podcast Launch help – $100 per hour if you’re on the WordPress blog platform and starting with iTunes

Podcast music – (Like intro/outro music + Personal or business branding song)

Slogans & Taglines – $50 per word

Vocals/Voiceovers – Rates for most non-broadcast projects (real estate narrations, explainer videos, on-hold messages, etc.)

Up to 500 words…$100
501 to 1500 words…$175
1501 to 2500 words…$250
More than 2500…contact me

For most broadcast projects –

Local market up to 30 seconds…$175
Regional market up to 30 sec…$275
National market up to 30 sec…$925

Video Marketing – Starting @ $497 and up ( Prices based on Time, Talent, and Tools…and monthly packages available)

Web Copy – First Page: 200 – 600 words $200 – $600 Each Additional Page: 200 – 600 words  $180 – $340

WordPress Website Starter – $997