Don’t lose the most creative website content writer
to your competition

Brand Aid content and copy can be found on websites and in the offices of hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs. When you need more eyes on your products, services, and information…And when you need better sales results and more clicks on your buy buttons, working with Brand Aid is a wise decision. Words, audio, voiceovers, video, and website all in one place.

But…if you’d rather write or create content on your own, here are some suggestions.

  • Study what successful internet marketing people are doing
  • Do what those people are doing
  • Learn to write well and quickly
  • Research niches
  • Start a blog (and get some key plugins) based on your niche research
  • Create relevant, valuable, actionable articles
  • Keep writing your regular blog posts, articles, and stories
  • Connect to social media sites
  • And create backlinks to your relevant information
  • And…oh yeah…and don’t forget to keep creating products people want to buy

Contact Brand Aid today, and let’s boost your brand BIG TIME!

You probably already know you need to be prepared to be in business for the long haul. And you realize those “make-$14,876-in-only-one-month” sales pitches are just selling you hype. And no one has to tell you real business requires real work and dedication. You already know that’s where the payoff is. But do you have room in your schedule for writing, creating content, and branding your content for marketing?

If not, that’s where we come in. Here are 7 reasons why hiring Brand Aid to use a combination of words, music, video, and website skills is good for business (not in order of importance)…

  1. You’ll build more personalized business relationships
  2. Your results impact our success
  3. You’ll get well researched content
  4. Branded content to help your audience see, hear, and remember you
  5. You’ll get multiple media strategies from one source
  6. Your deadlines become our deadlines…and
  7. We’ll make sure your content boosts your brand at all times


Work with a company that knows how to write AND produce BRANDED music, voiceovers, and video. That’s how you boost your brand. We guarantee we’ll work to give you more value than we receive in compensation.

How about some writing samples? OK, here you go…

Keep scrolling…there’s quite a few

Beetles To Boards
(article for a snow sports magazine
the editor said “it reads like poetry”)


Long Form Sales Copy

(1, in a series, of winch articles)
(website owner said “the series rocked”)
Tony, owner of Promo Lingo, wrote a series of 26 winch articles for a 4 wheeler enthusiast website.

Cosmetic Dentistry Copy From Promo Lingo

From a 3-part Canine hip dysplasia series
(vet said it “captured my voice”)


Excerpt from health & wellness article
(website owner said “love the conversational style”)

Tony was the writer for this article featured on a health and wellness website.

Ad for lawn care service
(Owner stopped ad after 2 weeks because he had “all the
business he could handle for the year)

A creative content writer knows even a simple flyer can be successful with just the right combination of words.