Brand Aid Video Marketing For 24 Hour Promotion

If you’re not working with Brand Aid for your video marketing, you might find yourself shopping around to get the different services you can easily get here. Watch these videos our clients have used to for cost effective branding.

Creative branding and video marketing

Use video marketing to educate, engage, and entertain your audience in real, relationship-building ways. You’ll be glad you did. For example, explainer videos pay off big time. Analytics show they increase conversions and boost search engine results and sales. Videos are one of the most, if not THE most, effective business-boosting marketing tools. They just plain work. Use ’em and get the competitive multimedia edge most websites and businesses still aren’t using like they should. The videos we produce for you are HD quality without all that cost prohibitive “Hollywood” production craziness. AND you can choose options like custom script writing AND professional voiceover AND custom music.

You’re not likely to find another local online marketing company with personalized, custom music in-house. And certainly not one where you can get the video, script, music, voice, and even help setting it all up on a WordPress website. Almost all other marketing companies, web designers, and SEO firms outsource those services…or maybe partner with someone like Brand Aid. Why not keep things simple and get it all here? By the way…

Brand Aid video services include placement on YouTube with focus on relevant, local keywords. That not only helps you on the second largest search engine in the world…it also helps you show up in Google results, the largest search tool.

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