Contented clients share thoughts about
their favorite content creator and Brand Aid

Melissa Lawson – Photographer: “You know *that* person everyone likes? That’s Tony. And as if being *that* person isn’t enough, it is rare to find a talent that understands the mechanics of building a career or your own business. Tony has invaluable knowledge and advice and he is also *that* person that fixes anything. I look to Tony for guidance, whether it be for my side business, or growing into a new profession. And I will be going to him again to write a selling reference letter for a very important turn in my career with complete certainty…. as there is no one better with words than Tony.

I had the pleasure of working with Tony on my photography business website, and he has expertly filled the role of administrating and tweaking my website ever since so that it’s always improving. Feel confident of the success of your business or your career when you have Tony.”

Melissa Lawson explains how Tony at Promo Lingo is her preferred online marketing consultant
Melissa Lawson Photography website

Elgielene – The Real Foods Girl: “Over 75,000 views on one video! And almost a thousand subscribers to my channel. Awesome. Thank you for all you do!”

Elgielene, the Real Foods Girl, raves about how Tony helped her get over 75000 views and almost 1000 subscribers on YouTube with only one video.

Randy Pickering: “Tony wrote, produced, sang, and recorded a jingle for our company quite a long time ago, but we still use it today because it’s upbeat and embodies our brand. His jingle is used as our music/message on hold. Often callers comment on how fun and catchy the jingle is. Thanks Tony for developing something that has worked so well for so long.”

Randy Pickering shares how Tony at Promo Lingo created a branding song with staying power for his auto repair business. Pickering’s Auto Repair

Elizabeth Augustine – Aesthetician:Just got a compliment on the website, and it’s only been up a couple of days. It looks great.

Elizabeth Augustine prefers Promo Lingo, her online marketing consultant

Dick Licciardi – Commercial Real Estate Broker: “Tony is a gentleman who does what he says and says what he does. He produced a series of videos for my business and did a great job coaching and added clever graphics that really helped me to tell a complicated story about my business, commercial real estate. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony in any one of several fields — video production, web design, original music, along with exceptional writing skills.”

Dick Licciardi talks about how Tony at Promo Lingo helped him launch a video marketing series.

Tina Lorenz: “Tony made everyone commemorative CDs featuring his original G4 Theme Song! He wrote, performed, and produced the whole thing himself, and it’s a real treat. He also made a snazzy G4 video promo to introduce non-members to what our site offers!”

Tina Lorenz

Bob Arbuckle – Electrician:The site is already showing up, and people love the video. Awesome work. I can’t believe our other site took a year to get going, and you got this one going in a few days.

Bob Arbuckle from Arbuckle Electric in Kansas City prefers Promo Lingo, his online marketing consultant

Michelle Macphearson: “Tony sent a personalized CD of songs for my son’s birthday – he just turned 6. We popped it in the CD player and he (and his 1 year old brother) had an absolute blast dancing around to the music, and Rory was SHOCKED when he heard his name in the songs.  The last few times I’ve been on Skype with people he’s asked if it’s the man who made him the CD of songs.  Tony’s CD has been a BIG hit around here – if you’ve got little ones in your life, it’s a fun, personal gift they’ll adore.”

Michelle Macphearson explains how Tony helped her

“We never thought we would find the perfect jingle…and we couldn’t be more delighted. We had another company developing a jingle and we were under a very short deadline. So frankly, we didn’t think Tony would be able to create a great song under such difficult conditions. In twenty years, I never recall such an easy process for creating a jingle. We’re grateful to Tony…we loved the upbeat, fun tune; you started singing along with it right away.”
Sean Sullivan…GM for Mountain High Casino in Blackhawk, CO

“Tony, Thank you for turning this around so quickly. The commercial sounds great, and the client will be airing it probably in January.”
Jack Breslin…GA Wright Marketing, Inc. Denver, CO

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